All the games shown during Wholesome Direct 2022

Wholesome Games is back this year with Wholesome Direct, featuring a huge list of upcoming relaxing, emotional and heartfelt games — here’s what was shown

Wholesome Games presented its 2022 live stream Wholesome Direct Saturday morning and it shared a lengthy list of future titles that are sure to warm the heart, connect with players on a deeper level and send gamers on an emotional journey. Also, cats. Lots of cats.

The livestream began at 9:30 a.m. and lasted about an hour. Approximately 90 titles were shown and many of them look absolutely stunning with beautiful art styles, simple and satisfying gameplay and story elements that set these games apart from the violent, vulgar nature of a majority of today’s big games.

If you want to learn more about Wholesome Games, you can visit their official website at or connect with them on social media on Twitter or TikTok. They also have a Discord channel.

Wholesome Games also talked about its partnership with Galaxy Fund, which you can learn more about here. The Galaxy Fund describes itself as “a prototype grant backing early stage experiments and bold new ideas from BIPOC and queer creators.”

Wholesome Games merchandise is available for a limited time to support the cause.

Missed the show? No problem, we’ve got the replay video below courtesy of the Wholesome Games YouTube channel.

If you’d prefer to just see what was shown, here’s a full list. Many of the games are coming to PC via Steam but some are also coming to console.

Wholesome Games’ Wholesome Direct 2022 Recap

  • Terra Nil – wishlist on Steam
  • Little BearChef
  • Melodyssey – 2023 – demo out now
  • Lumberjack – Switch, Xbox, Epic Games Store, Steam – June 14
  • The Garden Path – 2022 – wishlist on Steam
  • Mika and The Witch’s Mountain – Q1 2023
  • 30Birds – wishlist on Steam, demo available
  • Mail Time – Q4 2022, wishlist on Steam
  • Usagi Shima – to be determined
  • A Walk with Yiayia – Aug. 20, 2022 on Switch, Steam
  • Chicken Journey – Q4 2022
  • Puff Pals: Island Skies
  • Freeride – 2023
  • How to Say Goodbye – Q3 2022
  • Calico: Pawsome Edition – Q3 2022
  • Paper Animal RPG – Kickstarter coming summer 2022
  • Fall of Porcupine – wishlist on Steam
  • The Last Clockwinder (VR) – out now
  • Lovebirb – Q4 2022
  • Spirit Swap – 2023
  • Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly – coming 2023
  • Oddada – to be determined, wishlist on Steam
  • Frogun – 2022
  • Garden Witch Life – to be determined
  • Princess Farmer – out now
  • Ooblets – leaving early access this summer, coming to PC, Xbox and Switch
  • Bubblegum Galaxy – 2023
  • Here Comes Niko! – to be determined
  • Snufkin: Melody of Mooninvalley – wishlist on Steam
  • Feed All Monsters – 2022
  • Skatebird – free update available now
  • Papertrail – demo available, wishlist on Steam
  • Soulitaire – to be determined
  • Passpartout 2 – to be determined
  • A Frog’s Tale – Kickstarter
  • Freshly Frosted – Out now on console, PC
  • Kaichu – Q2 2022
  • Wholesome Out & About – early development life sim
  • Paradise Marsh – demo out now on Steam, coming to Xbox and Switch this year
  • Gaucho and the Grassland – Q4 2022
  • Lil Gator Game – 2022
  • We Are OFK – Q3 2022
  • Potion Permit – 2022
  • Pixelshire – 2023
  • Schim – to be determined
  • Pekoe – 2023
  • Bilkins’ Folly – to be determined
  • Kitori Academy – 2023
  • Togges – quarter three 2022
  • Tracks of Thought – 2023
  • DokiToki – 2023
  • Critter Crops
  • Toroa – coming soon
  • The Spirit and the Mouse – 2022 – demo available on Steam
  • Snacko – 2022
  • A Little to the Left – quarter four 2022
  • Kokopa’s Atlas – 2023 – wishlist on Steam
  • The Wandering Village – quarter three 2022 – wishlist on Steam
  • Lonesome Village – 2022 – wishlist on Steam – Xbox, Switch and Steam
  • Sizzle reel of games out now or coming in 2022 and beyond: Hamster on Rails, Garden of the Sea, Olliefrog Toad Skater, With You, Miska, Bread & Fred, Kity Builder, Garden In!, Flore, Pine Hearts, Hello Goodboy, Harmony’s Odyssey, Seal World, “Love, Ghostie”, Potion Prodigy, Moonstone Island, Super Mini Mart, Ova Magica, PaperKlay, Puzzles for Clef, Lemon Cake, Star Stuff, San Zoolin, Townseek, Skye Tales, Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo, Tiny Witch, The Courier, The Hundred Year Kingdom, Lost Twins 2, Bloom
  • Melatonin – coming to Switch, Steam and Epic Games Store in September 2022

So, what did you think of this year’s Wholesome Direct? Anything you’ll be picking up? Let us know in the comments below or connect with us on social media.

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